Jan 11, 2011


Bitter Gourd (Karela): Half a cup of bitter gourd juice with the seeds and 1 tablespoon of gooseberry juice or one cup of cooked vegetable should be consumed on an empty stomach or in between meals.

Fenugreek (Methi):
Include at least half a cup of fenugreek leaves or sprouted seeds in your daily diet or eat six to eight seeds (soaked in water overnight) on an empty stomach early in the morning with or without water.

Onions: Eat at least one cup of raw or cooked onions every day.

Include one large clove of garlic in your daily diet.

Black Jamun: Once or twice a day consume black jamun juice, or three to four pieces of the jamun fruit, or a teaspoon of the dried mixture made from equal quantities of jamun powder, amla powder and karela powder.

Soyabean: Soyabean in any form – Whole beans, sprouts, soya milk or soya flour.

Channa (Bengal gram) dal:
Eat at least half a cup of Channa dal.

Low fat curds:
Include low fat curd or buttermilk in your daily diet.

Fiber- rich vegetables and fruits: Include green peas, cluster beans, leafy vegetables and fruits like apple with skin and guava in your daily diet to get fibre.

The bio-active compound in cinnamon has a potential to increase the activity of insulin in our body.

Exercise caution in what you eat and alter your lifestyle to include regular activity of some form, and you can lead a normal life provided you take your medication of course!

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