Jan 8, 2011


Eat Only When You Are Hungry: Don’t eat just because it is meal time you must keep an interval of at least 4 hours between two meals.

Eat in a Relaxed, Happy, And Positive state of Mind: Your body cannot assimilate nutrients from food when you eat in a disturbed state of mind.

Be Conscious of what you eat: Observe what effect a particular food has on your system. Whether it causes gas and acidity or it is cool easy to digest and refreshing.

Eat Food With Certain Amount Of Detachment: Lot of people are so passionate about food they are hungry for certain foods when regular food is served to them they loose their appetite, become unhappy depressed.

Eat food for the nutrients that it offers not because of its taste.

Modern Day Living, refining and processing of foods, availability of canned and packaged convenience foods, remove most of the essential elements from the diet required to maintain a healthy body,choose organically grown food stuffs whenever possible.

Relaxation techniques like meditation and regular physical exercise helps to beat stress thus helping to balance the system.

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