Jan 5, 2011


A balanced diet is very essential to lay the foundation for good health. 

Keep salt intake to a minimum since salt retains water in cells and expels calcium from the body. 

Alkaline rich diets are very beneficial – fresh fruits and vegetables are alkaline in nature. 

Step up fruit and vegetable intake. Drink vegetable juices with honey for sweetening. 

Raw fruits and vegetables in the form of salads and juices for one entire day will give relief and cleanse the system.

Vitamin A is a “membrane conditioner “and keeps the mucous cells healthy. Choose green leafy vegetables, broccoli, papaya, carrot, tomato, pumpkin, mango, beetroot, and pineapple. Egg yolk, milk, curds. 

A mixture of papaya, carrot, beetroot everyday will work wonders to boost your immunity and boost your Vitamin A levels in the body. 

Calcium in milk and milk products help in reducing the inflammation in the cells. Drink your daily glass of milk.
Eat freshly prepared food for every meal.

Include garlic, onion liberally since it has anti inflammatory properties. 

Stay away from:

Refined foods ( rava, vermicelli,maida, white bread, cakes),
Deep fried foods,
White sugar,
Greasy rich food,
Heavily spiced food,
Salty foods ( pickle,papad, vadaams, salted nuts, soup cubes, dry fish)
Processed food (instant soup mixes , pre packaged foods).

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