Jan 10, 2011


The Friendly Bulbs

Onions have great therapeutic values. The mineral and vitamin content of this bulb are phosphorus, iron, calcium, carotenoids,thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin C.Both garlic and onion contain quercetin an antioxidant which stabilize membranes of cells that release histamine(the chemical that induces asthmatic symptoms) Quercetin also reduces inflammation and mucus formation.

Fish Therapy

Eating fish help prevent asthma attacksThe omega -3 fatty acids works wonders by reducing inflammatory responses thereby preventing blockage in air passage.

Spice up your Life

Hot and spicy foods can ease out asthma attacks they unplug the airways and make breathing easier. Gorge on hot chilli pepper mustard onion and garlic they have anti-inflammatory effect.

Vitamin C- The anti-asthma Vitamin

Vitamin C is of key importance for asthmatics. It helps reduce the risk of wheezing .it also helps minimize allergic reactions. It boosts immunity and prepares the body to fight allergens better thus reducing the frequency of asthma attacks...

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C like capsicum, cabbage and amla packed with antioxidants these neutralize free radicals

Home Remedies

Ginger Juice taken with honey in hot water helps reduce mucus formation and reduces frequency of attacks.

Wheat grass juice helps the body to get rid of toxins and mucus.

Regular fasting once a week breathing exercise, fresh air, and light exercise will go a long way in treatment.

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