Mar 15, 2011


The health message is clear - cut your salt intake to avoid a number of serious health problems.
According to the Food Standards Agency, most of us are consuming twice as much as the recommended 6 grams of salt or one teaspoonful a day. And this really matters because there is overwhelming evidence that a high salt intake is linked to high blood pressure.
High salt levels are linked to heart disease, strokes, osteoporosis, cancer of the stomach, asthma attacks and kidney stones. The good news is that experts suggest it takes just three weeks to get used to a lower salt diet.
Quick salt guide
Aim for a maximum of 6g total intake of salt per day
If the nutritional label only gives the value of sodium, multiply that amount by two and a half, eg 0.5 sodium x 2.5 = 1.25g salt
The rule of thumb is that a food item containing 0.1g of sodium or less is considered low in salt and a food containing 0.5g of sodium or more is considered high.

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